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🎉 Announcements

WoCl anticipates ~$2000/mo in software costs by late Aug... so, we made a WoCl Patreon!

In order to host events for the community and automate workflows such as invites/forms, Work on Climate uses software such as Calendly, Zoom, and Zapier, which collectively cost ~$200/mo.

Our major cost will be the paid version of Slack, so that you can search through the treasure trove of 100K+ messages within our community. Slack is offering us an 85% nonprofit discount off their normal rate, which comes out to about $1/mo per active user, so we will need to pay $1500+/mo to stave off message history loss.

If you have found the people and programs here useful in your journey, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon! If your organization has the ability to sponsor WoCl's software costs, please reach out to @Cassandra Xia on Slack.

July Challenge: Find one amazing new climate connection

The good news is that with our paid Slack, you can unlock the treasure trove of 100K+ messages within our community. Our July community challenge is for everyone to use Slack search to find one person to talk to. Let's get our money's worth ;) Search our 2500+ person community for one person with a shared interest or in the same geography as you, e.g. "farm" (247 results), "CDR" (77 results), "hydrogen" (51 results), "Berlin" (140 results).

WoCl in-person meetups

Speaking of geographies, are you in London, Berlin or Paris? Check out the #europe channel, where community members are grassroots organizing in-person meetups! Please only attend if you feel comfortable with the covid precautions in your geography, but we're so excited to see community members connecting in this way! If you would like to organize a meetup for your own city, consider posting on Slack and tagging people who mentioned the city in their intro.

🥳 July events

Missed an event? Find recordings and notes at Past Events and on our YouTube channel. Add the WoCl calendar to yours to see upcoming events.

Wed June 30 @8am PT - PMs Tackling Climate Change - Interview #3 with Shannon Bauman (Senior PM @ Carbon Analytics). RSVP here.

We’ll be interviewing Shannon, a Senior PM at Carbon Analytics, about his climate journey, his 17-year PM career which started as an APM at Google, being an entrepreneur and most recently a PM at a climate startup. Carbon Analytics eliminates barriers to environmental impact management by transforming companies’ existing data into their carbon and water equivalent and generating a rich carbon footprint analysis.

Wed June 30 @5pm PT - Regen Ag bi-weekly call - Presenting AlgaBioscience and Vert Science. Join here.

On this call we will have two exciting startups in the regen space presenting what they are doing. AlgaBioscience is working on eliminating methane emissions from cattle through a low-cost feed additive. Vert Science is an early stage apparel startup that is looking to help decarbonize the fashion supply chain.

Tue July 6 @11am PT - Building a 'smart cold chain' with Manik Suri of Therma. RSVP here.

Today, the global refrigeration supply chain, or cold chain, stores critical assets including food, pharma, and data, which improve billions of lives worldwide. Yet the cold chain account for nearly 10% of all global warming — and it's growing at 15% a year. Join us to learn about Therma and our vision to build a "Smart Cold Chain" that advances human health while protecting our planet's health.

Thu July 8 @2pm PT - WoCl Community Project Spotlight. Join on Clubhouse.

Monthly event for our community members to discuss climate related projects they are working on, and share tips/learnings with one another, as well as seek help from the community.

Thu July 15 @8am PT - How Decarbonization Startups Get Funding. RSVP here.

Techstars Sustainability Roundtable is bringing in Rodrigo Prudencio from Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, Stacy Kauk from Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, and Joel Armin-Hoiland of Climate Finance Solutions to cover the carbon credit market, pilot revenue streams, and non-dilutive grant funding.

Thu July 22 @11am PT - Startup Office Hours. RSVP here.

Need help with strategy, product, fundraising, hiring, or marketing? Join us to get help figuring out a way past your startup's biggest roadblocks.

Fri July 30 @2:30pm PT - WoCl TGIF! RSVP here.

Lets get to know each other better. Come along and connect through the best of digital facilitation, have fun with the people serious about working on climate!

Want to host an event with us? Message @Utkarsh Vaidya or @Sam Levac-Levey on Slack!

🏢 Get a new job

Some #jobs this month from organizations within our community include:

  • Gradient is reducing emissions from the HVAC industry and is hiring for Senior Electrical Engineer, Beta Program Manager, Technical Project Manager, Technical Recruiter Lead, Firmware Engineer, and more. Apply here or reach out to @Grace Li on Slack.

  • is helping the sustainable agriculture transition by building software for greenhouses. They are hiring software engineers, data scientists, and plant scientists to join them in the Netherlands or remotely.

  • Kairos Aerospace is identifying and stopping methane leaks. They are hiring data scientists, software engineers, sensor engineers, senior scientists, and more. Apply here.

Explore other channels to find full-time jobs on #jobs and #jobs-alerts, short-term or part-time work on #gigs, talk about job-seeking in general on #jobs-discussion, and help each other polish your resumes on #resume.

✨ Inside the mind of a cleantech recruiter

Want to understand what recruiters look for when hiring for climate roles? @Sabrina Dove-Petrigh, cleantech recruiter and founder of Pacific Search Firm, sat down for an interview with Work on Climate to share insights and advice on getting a climate job and hiring for climate roles. Read part 1 and part 2 of the interview.

Kickstart your climate journey with On Deck Climate Tech

On Deck’s Climate Tech fellowship is a 10-week program for participants with deep and diverse subject matter expertise to exchange ideas, accelerate each other’s careers, and build or join impactful climate tech organizations.

On Deck curates a fantastic and giving groups of experts, connect these fellows with others in ODCT and the larger startup ecosystem at On Deck, and helps to accelerate people’s goals for climate, whatever they may be, through the power of community. You can apply here (it takes less than 5 minutes), and check out the website and FAQ .

Ongoing programs

🎯 Find all programs relevant to you

As we have dozens of offerings, check out 🗺️ WoCl How To in order to help you find the programs available to you as a jobseeker, climate employer, or startup founder. For example:

  • 💡 Did you know you can get feedback on your resume on the #resume channel?

  • 💡 Did you know almost all WoCl events are recorded and posted to Past Events?

🧙🏼 Meet climate experts at Office Hours

Get advice from friendly climate experts at our Office Hours - simply book time on their Calendly. Here's what community members had to say about their experiences this month:

  • I gained a lot of insights from @Olya Irzak's background with African startups, based on her experience with Google X and Zola Electric, and how to improve early stage funding to climate startups via

  • As someone who is relatively new to the Climate field, it was helpful to learn from @Irina Fedorenko's story starting from Chinese Studies to Oxford PhD to founding a startup and then a Venture Studio.

  • I had a lovely chat with @Patrick Sheehan on Tuesday where we discussed energy sector basics and how to get a foot in the door as a new data scientist or software engineer! He provided me with some very actionable advice that will help me get my bearings in the entry-level job search.

  • I had a great Office Hours with @Troy Hodges today. One thing I learned: that energy utility/regulatory hearings can be inaccessible to those who have interests in the outcomes as a result of time commitment, money needed for legal representation...and information asymmetry (utilities hold the data and models). One way that governments are compensating for this is through "intervenor compensation," which makes it easier for individuals and organizations to participate.

📚 Learning groups - Work on a climate vertical

Join learning groups of people interested in the same climate vertical as you, and work together towards something actionable. We currently have learning groups on climate finance, food waste, regenerative agriculture, ocean sequestration, construction, and nuclear. Some learning groups meet in person every other week, and others just exist on Slack channels. Join a learning group on Slack by browsing channels that begin with the "learning-group-" prefix.

💎 Starter packs of the best learning resources

New to the climate space? Want to learn from the best resources? Check out the WoCl Starter Packs!

💝 Want to help WoCl?

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  • As a fully volunteer-run community, we're always looking for people to help! Message @Eugene Kirpichov on Slack to get involved.

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