Work on Climate (Nov 2021): What's happening at COP26, and tons of new #jobs!

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COP26 is beginning in Glasgow and leaders around the world are coming together to enhance their climate commitments. We are excited to redouble our own climate efforts and to support the community members who have traveled to Glasgow for COP26. Congratulations to community member @Sierra Yit whose volunteer Climate Fellows project with UCLA's WORLD Policy Analysis Center will be announced as part of a partnership with @Michal Nachmany’s Climate Policy Radar at COP26 to gather and analyze the world's climate laws and policies, as well as to the many other community members whose work will be presented!

Have Python familiarity and want to help Sierra grow the project of scraping all climate laws & policies to 193 countries? You can reach out to to join the effort.

🚀 Help us organize WoCl!

Do you love community building, leading high-impact programs, and planning exciting events? We are looking for help organizing our 4600+ member community! A few areas we are looking for help in include:

  • Organizing our volunteering program (Climate Fellows). We work with over 400 volunteers and 65+ organizations including World Wildlife Fund, Climate Neutral, Reflective Earth, Nature Conservancy, and Climate Cabinet. You can help lead the effort to match skilled volunteers with impactful climate non-profits! More info here.

  • Organizing community events. We have held 40+ events over the past year with climate companies, non-profits, climate justice leaders, academics, and to build community through social events. Love organizing events and have some ideas? Join us! Reach out to @Utkarsh Vaidya on Slack to get involved.

  • Starting a subcommunity. We have active subcommunities for different roles like #PMs and #designers as well as different regions like #europe and #australia-newzealand. Have an idea for your own subcommunity and want to start one? Reach out to @Fady Azmy and read our fresh-off-the-press New Organizer Onboarding guide! Browse some existing subcommunities here.

Have something else in mind? We would love your help continuing to grow WoCl's impact! You can reach out to @Jeremy B on Slack with other ideas.

🎁 Quick request: Has WoCl had a meaningful impact on your life or career? We’d love to hear about it! Share your story via this form for a chance to be featured on our website, social media, and/or newsletter!

🥳 November events

Last year we asked you what kind of WoCl events you’d want to see, and since then we’ve grown so much! We’d really appreciate it if you would fill out this short survey so we can put on the best possible events for you.

A huge thank you to Utkarsh Vaidya who is now leading the events team, and to Lena Burova, who is a volunteer hosting her first event this month! 🎉

Upcoming events

Wed Nov 3 @ 5pm PT - Regen Ag Webinar: Pakalifa / Regenerativa Mexico - Transforming Farming in Mexico. RSVP here.

Pakalifa / Regenerativa Mexico is transforming the way we farm in Mexico. By using regenerative practices, we want to create a new Bio-Economy where social, environmental, and economic resources live and coexist in complete harmony. We want to make the model for a circular economy for our country.

Thu Nov 4 @ 12pm PT - Gamifying Carbon Removal. RSVP here.

We all know that we need to remove carbon from the atmosphere – but how much carbon? What solutions can get us there? And how do these solutions interact with each other? This interactive event will try and answer the above questions and visualize the road to removing 10 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050.

Thu Nov 11th @ 2pm PT - 📣 COP26 debrief. Join on Clubhouse.

Breaking down what happened at COP26 this year.

Fri Nov 12th @ 9am PT - Climate Justice Community Discussion. RSVP here.

Join us for the final WoCl & ClimateAction.Tech climate justice community discussion of 2021! We'll have a guided discussion to ask questions and share ideas around climate justice and your work, activism, or personal life. You'll also have the opportunity to ask for or offer help for climate justice journeys and projects. Everyone is welcome!

Fri Nov 19th @ 9:30am PT - Marketing for climate & oceans. RSVP here.

Anusha Sethuraman recently joined Sofar Ocean, a startup that builds accessible ocean sensing and exploration tools to provide insights to science, society, and industry for a more sustainable planet. She will share her path to working on climate, and talk about the role marketers can play in helping to tackle climate change.

Tues Nov 23 @ 11am PT - Startup Office Hours. RSVP here.

Need help with strategy, product, fundraising, hiring, or marketing? Join us to get help figuring out a way past your startup's biggest roadblocks.

Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Clubhouse to stay up to date on new events. Or auto-add upcoming events to your Google calendar. Want to host an event with us? Propose your event to our team - reach out to @Utkarsh Vaidya or @Sam Levac-Levey on Slack.

Past event recordings

Find recordings and notes at ⏯️ Past Events and follow our 🎥 YouTube channel!

🚀 Two new experts in Office Hours

Get advice on entering the climate space from friendly climate experts at our Office Hours - simply book time on their Calendly. Our experts have helped over 400+ people over the past year and are fantastic at helping with both introductory and sophisticated climate topics.

We're thrilled to announce two new experts joining the program! You can book them and other experts right here. We are excited to welcome both:

  • Andrew Chang, an experienced engineer and entrepreneur, who you can talk to about building product, fundraising, IP strategy, manufacturing and everything it takes to bring a new product to market.

  • Luke Squire who you can talk to about working in product management and/or building products for cleantech - Luke builds software to help speed the transition away from carbon-emitting energy sources, has experience in political tech, and formerly worked in campaigns and on Capitol Hill.

🏢 Get a climate job

"There will be eight Teslas, ten Teslas... There will be Microsoft, Google, Amazon-type companies that come out of this space" - Bill Gates (CNBC)

There are a plethora of new roles for you to check out in our #jobs channel. A few include:

🏆 Success stories: This month many people shared their stories of finding climate jobs - see #i-got-a-job to get inspired and learn from their tactics!

🇪🇺 Are you looking for a job in Europe? Check out this curated list of companies.

Ongoing programs

✨Tip: Work on Climate is a lot more than just Slack - we have a large resource library. See our crowdsourced Notion!

🎯 Looking for additional resources?

Check out 🗺️ WoCl How To to find other WoCl tools helpful to you as a jobseeker, climate employer, or startup founder, and #️⃣ Slack Guide to see an overview of our Slack channels. For example:

  • 💡Did you know that on the #resume channel people are happy to help you polish your resume with suggestions for improvement?

  • 💡Want to practice your pitch & get feedback? Attend our next Pitch Deck Practice event (announced monthly on #events-official) or book time with an expert at Office Hours.

📚 Learning groups - Work on a climate vertical

Join learning groups of people interested in the same climate topics as you, and work together towards something actionable. We currently have learning groups on climate finance, food waste, regenerative agriculture, ocean sequestration, construction, nuclear, and other topics. Some learning groups meet in person every other week, and others just exist on Slack channels. Join a learning group on Slack by browsing channels that begin with the "#learning-group-" prefix.

💎 Starter packs

What is a starter pack? A starter pack is a curated, small collection of resources designed to give you a concentrated introduction to various climate topics. Check out the WoCl Starter Packs to learn more! Some highlights include:

💝 Want to help fund WoCl programs?

We are a non-profit run entirely by volunteers but we do incur software expenses to support our programming. Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Interested in helping provide funding for a specific program or WoCl staff? Reach out to @Jeremy B on Slack to discuss sponsoring a WoCl program or intern!