Work on Climate (Oct 2021): Subcommunities, Events with the founder of Climate in Colour, and more

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🥳 October events

Upcoming events

Wed Oct 6 @5pm PT - Natural Capital Markets with Michael Molitor and Alex Logan (WoCl Regen Ag Learning Group). RSVP here.

Michael Molitor and Alex Logan of will join the WoCl Regen Ag learning group for a discussion on the emergence of new natural capital assets like coral reef credits and the monetization of mangrove ecosystems.

Thu Oct 7 @2pm PT - 📣 COP26. Join on Clubhouse.

w/ Lilly Tong, Jeremy Brewer, Eugene Kirpichov, Cassandra Xia — COP26 is coming up in November. Let’s discuss the importance and goals of this conference and what it means for our planet.

Mon Oct 18 @ 9am PT - Joycelyn Longdon, founder of Climate in Colour, talks about climate justice. RSVP here.

Climate Action Tech and WoCl co-sponsor this talk by Joycelyn Longdon, UK-based designer, AI researcher, and founder of Climate in Colour. We'll discuss her research, her climate justice work, and applications of technology and design to climate justice-conscious solutions.

Sat Oct 23 @3pm PT - 🕹 WoCl Gaming Social. RSVP here.

Last month we had a great time playing Climate Pictionary and Climate Superfight! We're back again this month - will we try new games? Or stick to the 'classics'? Come make friends and have fun!

Tues Oct 26 @11am PT - Startup Office Hours. RSVP here.

Need help with strategy, product, fundraising, hiring, or marketing? Join us to get help figuring out a way past your startup's biggest roadblocks.

📅Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Clubhouse for notifications about new events. Or auto-add upcoming events to your Google calendar. Want to host an event or AMA with us? Propose your event to our team on #events-submission.

Past event recordings

Find recordings and notes at ⏯️ Past Events and follow our 🎥 YouTube channel! Here are some highlights from October's events:

  • Accelerating laws by building a database of climate policy and legislation (Video - 🛠️ this project is looking for extra hands from Python developers! See video description)

  • Transforming the world's cooling systems with Axiom Cloud (Notes, Video - Axiom is hiring!)

❄️ Subcommunity updates

Work on Climate has a vibrant collection of subcommunities for people in certain roles or interested in certain branches of climate - see if one of them feels like home to you! View all subcommunities by choosing "Browse Channels" in Slack.

Two new subcommunities have sprung up in the last month:

  • #elders: Engages more “senior” folks who often have more experience, time, and other resources to help climate. Started by @Alan Peevers.

  • 🗺️ #looking-for-work: A place for work seekers to introduce themselves and connect with hiring managers and #recruiters. Started by @Michael Chang.

And here are updates from some existing subcommunities:

  • #pms hosted an insightful interview with Tim Barnes about Product in the Energy space. #pms is also looking for volunteers to help run the channel!

  • #founders has been highly active with of people in search of cofounders!

  • #europe showed up to join the 100,000+ person climate strike

  • #nyc @Athena Maria Kalamaras is organizing a weekly virtual networking coffee chat.

📚 Work on Climate has a book club! And we’re starting our next read soon - it’s Paul Hawken's brand new book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation. Join the #book-club channel on Slack to participate!

👋 Want to run a subcommunity on WoCl? We want to support you with WoCl resources, visibility, and best practices - contact @Fady Azmy or @Eugene Kirpichov.

🏢 Get a climate job

This month we wanted to highlight some policy-related #jobs from organizations within our community, including:

Short-term contracts in policy are being offered by:

🏆 Success stories: Hop on #i-got-a-job to read what folks have shared this month about how they found climate jobs in roles from design lead, to chief of staff, to account exec!

Ongoing programs

💡 Tip: Work on Climate is a lot more than Slack - we have a large resource library. See our crowdsourced Notion!

🎯 Looking for additional resources?

Check out 🗺️ WoCl How To to find other WoCl tools helpful to you as a jobseeker, climate employer, or startup founder, and #️⃣ Slack Guide to see an overview of our Slack channels. For example:

  • 💡 Did you know that the WoCl team can help you organize an official event with WoCl?

  • 💡 Did you know that on the #resume channel people are happy to help you polish your resume with suggestions for improvement?

🧙🏼 Book chats with climate experts at Office Hours

Get advice from friendly climate experts at our Office Hours - simply book time on their Calendly.

This is one of our most useful and most-used programs - 270+ chats have happened to date! Here are some testimonials from community members:

  • I had office hours with @Patrick Sheehan and it was very productive! He gave me a lot of specific companies that might be relevant to my skills, as well as ideas about which skills I should brush up on for which jobs.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me this week at your office hours @Patricia Silva! It was inspiring to hear about your own journey to working on climate and your tactical advice on how to ramp up my learning and find the right opportunity was extremely helpful.

📚 Learning groups - Work on a climate vertical

Join learning groups of people interested in the same climate vertical as you, and work together towards something actionable. We currently have learning groups on climate finance, food waste, regenerative agriculture, ocean sequestration, construction, nuclear, and other topics. Some learning groups meet in person every other week, and others just exist on Slack channels. Join a learning group on Slack by browsing channels that begin with the "#learning-group-" prefix.

💎 Starter packs

What is a starter pack? A starter pack is a curated, small collection of resources designed to give you a concentrated introduction to various climate topics. Check out the WoCl Starter Packs to learn more! Some highlights include:

💝 Want to help WoCl?

👋 We are a non-profit run entirely by volunteers but we do incur software expenses to support our programming. Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Interested in helping provide funding for a specific program or WoCl staff? Reach out to @Cassandra Xia or @Jeremy B on Slack to discuss sponsoring a WoCl program or intern!